What You Need to Know About Ventilation

March 2, 2021

Are you a new homeowner or someone who just wants to breathe fresh air? Then you need to know about proper indoor ventilation and how to maintain it for your home! Ventilation is the movement of air between your airtight rooms and the outside world. When your ventilation system is running correctly it can prevent dust buildup and keep your house at a comfortable temperature. 

Why Ventilation is Important

By properly ventilating your home you will experience several health benefits that you might not have noticed before. This includes the removal of harmful pollutants that build up in your house. Proper ventilation can keep your home from getting moist and inviting damaging mold that will lead to structural damage to your home and lungs!

Ventilation can also lower your heating bill. When air is free to move through your home the humidity levels are controlled so your AC does not need to work as hard. 

In order to control your ventilation, you should also know what types there are. Depending on where you live and how big your home is, your system can vary. 

Types of Ventilation

First, there is the most common, whole-house ventilation. A whole-house ventilation system is used in homes that are tightly sealed and free of drafts. The system uses suction and fans to push air inside your home to ensure proper circulation so that fresh air can enter the home and stale air can leave.

Next, there’s spot ventilation, which you can commonly find in your kitchen. This system removes indoor air pollution at its source with the help of localized exhaust fans, such as those used above kitchen ranges.

Then, there is structural ventilation. Structural ventilation is what you have in your attics and crawlspaces to help control moisture levels in your house. This helps your HVAC system properly maintain temperature control and keeps your home comfortable. This is possibly your main defense against mold that would like to ruin the structure of your walls. 

Finally, we have natural ventilation. You won’t see this unless you’re living in a fairly old house. Older homes rely on opening doors and windows to naturally circulate air. If you’d like to naturally ventilate your house to spend less on air conditioning then open your windows in the morning when it’s the coolest. 

If you have any more questions about how to keep your ventilation system operating, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help and send someone to check on your system for you. 

It is no secret that in Oklahoma your air conditioner and heater play a vital role in our lives. If you would like to make an appointment, call (405) 305-5734 today. 

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