How To Save Money In The Spring

March 30, 2021

You know how to keep your energy bill low during the winter months, but now it’s time to adjust your settings for Spring! 

Temperatures are on the rise and we’re experiencing some humidity from that sweet Oklahoma rain. If you’d like to know how to reduce your bill during this change then follow these simple tips! 

Enjoy the weather when you can! Take advantage of the cool temperatures when we have them by opening your windows and turning off your AC. Just be careful not to leave them open when we have rain!

Another window hack to try is closing your blinds for the day. If you keep them closed from late morning until early evening you can keep a room 10-15 degrees cooler. That way, your conditioner doesn’t have to push itself to cool down your rooms when the heat suddenly spikes.  

You should also be aware of electrical devices that could warm you up without realizing it. Things like lights that are left on for too long, large appliances that are running, and ovens/stove tops give off the heat on top of racking up your energy bill. If you want to keep your indoors cool then maybe try grilling outside! After all, the more time you spend outside the less energy you need to use indoors. 

Finally, check your filters. This should be done monthly but there’s no better time to start than the present. A cleaned filter will help with airflow and keep your home from feeling stuffy. You’ll be shocked by how well you can breathe when your ducts aren’t blocked off by the dust that’s collected by your filter.  

Remember to turn on the A/C for a test run to learn if there are any issues that we should address before temperatures rise. If you realize your unit is not working properly then it’s time to call a professional. 

It is no secret that in Oklahoma your air conditioner and heater play a vital role in our lives. If you would like to make an appointment, call (405) 305-5734 today. 

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