What to do when your AC Coils Freeze

August 27, 2020

Sometimes, your AC can get a little too cool and freeze over! When keeping up with the heat, your unit can go through difficulties such as frozen coils. This issue is fairly common, so it’s important to learn why air conditioning coils get frosty and what you should do to fix it. 

Why this happens 

First of all, why do coils freeze? Air conditioner units need their filters cleaned so that air flows through the equipment and keeps the coils warm. When there’s no flow, the temperature drops, and ice forms over the coils. 

Freeze can also occur when the fans are not doing their jobs. Even if your filter is clean, without the fan pushing warm air to the coils, the temperature can still drop.  

Another reason for freezing is a leak in the refrigeration. As you can imagine, air conditioners need to be cold to keep you cold. If there is a refrigerant leak in the unit then the coils will freeze.

Signs to look out for

So, how do you know your coils went the way of the woolly mammoth? Your first clue may be that your home is no longer cooling down, but here are some other signs; your AC may be running but you are not feeling it, there is more moisture in the air, and you see ice forming around your unit’s coils.   

What you should do

Once you recognize that your system is frozen, what’s the next step? Shut it down!

If you keep your frozen AC running then you risk causing more damage to your unit. At this point, the best way to save your AC is to call an expert. 

How can you prevent this?

Calling the Heat and Air Guy is the way to go when facing any Heating or Air issues you are experiencing, but it’s better to have some preventive measures. 

Set up a preventative maintenance plan to make sure your AC is always running smoothly. Having an HVAC Specialist come by for an annual inspection can keep your system clean and safe. Your specialist will take their time to change filters, clean the coils, and inspect the lines for leaks.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area, then The Heat and Air Guys are your trusted, local HVAC contractor. We will get your Heater and Air Conditioner working and keep it working. It is no secret that in Oklahoma your air conditioner and heater play a vital role in our lives. If you would like to make an appointment, call (405) 305-5734 today.

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